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Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc. is the premier steel and equipment erector for the nation’s most challenging industrial and commercial projects, with experience ranging from petrochemical plants and power plants to high rises and sports facilities.

Our ability to provide services from pre-construction planning through final steel and/or equipment installation – along with our experienced, professional staff – has given PBI a reputation for efficiency, innovation, and remarkably high-quality work.

Our legacy began in 1936 with the formation of Peterson Brothers, which merged with Regional Contracting Corporation in 1992 to create PBI. Today, PBI is one of the most established and financially secure companies in the industry, with a bonding capacity of up to $100 million per project and $200 million aggregate.

We currently work throughout North America from our headquarters in Houston and fully staffed regional office in Dallas.

I have been a Safety Director for 30 years, and we have followed the six-foot fall protection requirements since the Fall Protection Standard became law, but I have never seen a steel erection company comply with this rule as fully as PBI did on this project. There was not one fall protection violation or issue on this project. It is part of PBI’s company and employee culture.

W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation

PBI was chosen for this challenging project because of their experience and reputation, and from day one they acknowledged the complexity of the job. PBI met every challenge with a can-do attitude backed by their professional and experienced workforce and fleet of cranes and equipment. The knowledge shown by PBI made this challenge seem like just another scheduled task.

W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation

Constructing the two-level, double-span, elliptical pedestrian bridge connecting Texas Children’s Hospital and our new Maternity Hospital facility across Fannin Street was an incredibly complex and challenging endeavor demanding the very best design and construction team. PBI was masterful in effectively dealing with the multitude of constraints and successfully accomplishing the bridge steel erection on schedule.

Peter R. Dawson, AIA
Senior Vice President and Facilities Manager

Texas Children’s Hospital

PBI provided valuable information regarding connection geometries, methodologies, and tolerances to increase constructability and to reduce construction time and cost. This effort resulted in the total cost of the erected structural steel being held within a budget that was established months before the design was finalized. PBI also accomplished the erection of this steel within a tolerance of ½” in all directions – an amazing feat.

Wally Ford

Haynes Whaley Associates

As a safety professional, the sheer mention of steel erection typically raises safety concerns. Not with PBI. Upon receipt of their contract, PBI’s approach to worker and job site safety was excellent. Taking safety to the next level, PBI planned every detail down to the last bolt, emphasizing safety not only during installation but in their design as well. Their management approached every challenge with professionalism, confidence, and competence.

Mike Wright
Safety Manager


PBI’s experience and ability to migrate through the myriad of project requirements enabled them to flawlessly execute their plan and address unexpected challenges during the job in a proactive and professional manner. From discussions on crane-ways and mats, through critical lifts to the eventual topping off, PBI involved themselves in the planning, engineering, and erection drawings to remove any doubt of a successful final outcome.

Gilbane Harvey

PBI’s review and suggestions insured that there would be no surprises during the major steel erection on this project, and that every major member could be safely erected. Peterson Beckner’s efforts to study and plan the work were a key element in being able to successfully and safely erect over 6,300 pieces and 7,500 tons of steel on this very complex and challenging project.

Cives Steel Company – Mid South Division